So the Rainbow Fish started on a journey across the globe - even as a postage stamp for the Swiss Post. The feed back was tremendous! I mostly enjoyed the countless letters and drawings that had been sent to me by children all over the world. In part I received original artworks, which inspired and motivated me. But it was also always a sense of achievement to see that my work inspired other people to discover their own creativity. A school for blind and partially blind children won, in 1995, a com- petition offered by the German bookselling trade - with a sequel to the first “Rainbow Fish”. A copy of this winning project still can be seen inside a glass cabinet in my atelier. More and more I have gotten requests by schools, bookstores and libraries for drawing lessons and book signings. Beside Switzer- land, these book signing tours have led me to Japan, South Korea, the United States and various European countries. Especially the drawing lessons were a lot of fun. The main focus of these lessons was not to copy the Rainbow Fish or any other of my picture book characters, but to let the imagination go and invent their own fantasy-characters. In another project, I accompanied two kindergarten- classes in Bern, to paint the exterior walls of their kin- dergarten with a huge underwater-illustration, using their own ideas and sketches.