Water-soluble marker, watercolor The little owl sleeps during the day - the little boy sleeps at night. Two different rhythms of life encounter each other. Even if they can’t play together, the boy and the owl will remain friends forever. Quill, watercolor This agreeable board book tells a little story without any text. A young hedgehog looks for his friend. Pencil, watercolor, pastel crayon A young shepherd is searching for his missing lamb and participates in the wonderful mysteries of the Holy Night. A Christmas-book, where the four candles symbolize hope and helpfulness. The Owl Prize, Japan, Mention Water-soluble marker, watercolor Pete, the little penguin, tries to fly like a bird, but he crash lands, always on his belly. Then he learns to swim and discovers the secrets of the sea.   Pencil, watercolor, pastel crayon A story full of optimism: If you believe, you can achieve anything you want. Swiss Juvenile-Book-Prize 1988, Shortlist Pencil, watercolor The festive atmosphere of the winter- illustrations and the warm hearted story makes the charm of this Santa Claus book. The Sleepy Owl - 1986 Where is my friend? - 1986 Four Candles for Simon - 1986 - Text G.-M. Scheidl Penguin Pete - 1987 Camomile Heads for Home - 1987 - Text Hermann Moers Santa Claus and the Woodcutter - 1987 - Idea K. Siegenthaler Penguin Pete’s New Friends - 1988 Water-soluble marker, watercolor The second story with the little penguin: He meets a lot of animals from the Antarctic and finds new friends. Penguin Pete and Pat - 1989 Critici in Erba 1990, Bologna, Menzione Water-soluble marker, watercolor Pete is growing up. He invites all his friends to his wedding with Pat. And soon Little Tim is born. Penguin Pete, Ahoy! - 1993 Water-soluble marker, watercolor Pete discovers a shipwreck. Is there still anybody living on? Indeed: Pete meets a little ship mouse and finds a new friend. Penguin Pete and Little Tim - 1994 Water-soluble marker, watercolor, candle wax Pete and his little son Tim have an adven- ture in a heavy snowstorm. Boris Beaver - 1988 Water-soluble marker, watercolor The little beaver may help his parents with their work. But it’s not that easy! Fortunately there is his friend, the little frog to help. Miriam’s Gift - 1989 - Text G.-M. Scheidl Pencil, watercolor, pastel crayon Mirjam is not allowed to accompany her parents to Bethlehem. She is too young. This Christmas-story tells, how the little girl manages to reach Bethlehem nevertheless. Sun and Moon - 1990 Watercolor, spray-technique by toothbrush A book which I enjoyed very much. It tells us about the earth, the sun and the moon, from rainbows and tempests, a solar eclipse and meteors. And it tells an impos- sible love story that became reality. The illustrations still today belongs to my favorite ones. Shaggy - 1990 Pencil, watercolor, pastel crayon Shaggy, the dog of the junkyard, enjoys his freedom. But sometimes he has to fight for it. Fortunately there are some friends who will help him. Hopper - 1991 Pencil, watercolor The first of five Hopper-books. Hopper wants wintertime to be finally over. Have patience, Hopper, springtime will coming soon! Hopper Hunts for Spring - 1992 Pencil, watercolor My favorite story among the Hopper-books. Hopper heads off in search of the spring. Critici in Erba 1994, Bologna, Menzione Pencil, watercolor Hopper wants to become an Easter Bunny and plunges in a new adventure.                          Pencil, watercolor “Do you know how to swim?”, asks a little brown hare. So Hopper of course doesn’t want to stand back... Pencil, watercolor "I don’t know climbing!”, says Hopper to the little squirrel. But nevertheless Hopper manages to climb up the tree. But what about coming down again? Watercolor, spray-technique by toothbrush A collection of lullabies. I illustrated this book using the same technique as I used for “Sun and Moon”. Hopper’s Easter Surprise - 1993 - Idea K. Siegenthaler Hang On, Hopper! - 1995 Hopper’s Treetop Adventure - 1997 I See the Moon - 1991 The Christmas Star - 1993 Chris & Croc - 1994 Dazzle the Dinosaur - 1994 Wake Up, Santa Claus! - 1996 Pencil, watercolour It's like there is a jinx on Santa: First Santa over sleeps on the day he is supposed to deliver presents, then he can't find his second boot and his big bag won't pass through the door. Is it possible that the children won't get their presents this year? Watercolor, holographic foil "How should we find the new king?“, asks the shepherds around the campfire. So the stars in the night sky move together to form a big star and guides the shep- herds, three kings and a lot of animals to the stall in Bethlehem. Chinese ink, watercolor, collage For Chris his stuffed crocodile becomes alive and so they experience various adventures through thick and thin. Chinese ink, watercolor, holographic foil The Maiasauras are living in danger, since they have been banished by the Cavesaur. So Dazzle and his friend decide to recon- quer the cave and take back control of the essential spring. Back to the top