Holey Moley - 2006 Aaron’s Secret Message - 2005 Charlie at the Zoo - 2007 Bertie at Bedtime - 2008 Bertie: Just Like Daddy - 2009 The Friendly Monsters - 2008 Pencil, watercolor, pastel crayon cbj Bertelsmann Aaron meets Maria and Joseph in Bethlehem. He helps them to find a place to sleep and becomes the first witness to the miracles of the Holy Night. Pencil, watercolor Two young moles want to play together. One of them would like to build a big hill, the other one prefers to dig a huge hole. But they can't agree to make a compromise. Will they find a solution? Pencil, watercolor, punchings This book has clever die-cuts on every page, it is part  fiction- and non-fiction and gives interesting information about the living-habits of various animals at the zoo. Observe the funny poses of the little duck Charlie and guess which animals he is meeting at the zoo. Acrylic, watercolor The little hippo Bertie doesn’t want to go to bed. He would prefer to continue to play with his Daddy. Bertie keeps his Daddy on the run until he falls asleep - his Daddy... Acrylic, watercolor Another amazing father and son story with Bertie and his Daddy. "But I’m already a big boy“, says Bertie, as climbs up a chair and stretches himself. But however there are a lot of things he will not be allowed to do until he is grown up. Pencil, watercolor, pop-ups An entertaining pop-up- book. Several fears of children become personalized and turn out to be lovely and child friendly monsters.                                 Milo and the Magical Stones - 1997 How Leo Learned to Be King - 1998 Make a Wish, Honey Bear - 1999 Christopher Award 1997 RA Storytelling World Award 1998 Honor Book 1998, Society of School Librarians Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil I’m happy, that this book about environ- ment-protection was re-edited recently. The story tells us about how to be responsible in regards to our planet. Children’s Choices 1999 (IRA-CBC) Pencil, watercolor, pastel crayon The animals make fun of the lazy and arrogant lion as a king of the animals. Now he wants to prove, that he really deserves the crown. A story about modesty and helpfulness. Chinese ink, watercolor A delightful birthday-book. The friends of the little bear don’t bring huge presents to his party, no. Everyone just has a very personal birthday-wish for the future of the little bear. Milo and the Mysterious Island - 2000 The Happy Hedgehog - 2000 Just The Way You Are - 2002 Best Children’s Illustrated Books of 2000, presented by The English Association Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil The sequel of “Milo and the Magical Stones“. A story about the passion of tra- velling and the understanding of foreign cultures. Pencil, watercolor, pastel crayon The little hedgehog doesn’t understand the world anymore. Has one indeed to be faster, stronger or more intelligent than others to be happy? No, the happy hedgehog finds other paths that leads to happiness. Acryl on canvas, die-cuts A humorous book about wishful thinking, how friends and partners should be. Fortunately the animals recognize, that exterior appearances aren’t that important. And the day ends with a funny party between friends. The Magic Book - 2003 Henri, Egg Artiste - 2005 Pencil, watercolor, folding-technique A young female wizard learns to conjure a giant dragon. The amazing folding-techni- que of the book lets pictures and text appear and disappear to the asto-nishment of children and adults. Pencil, watercolor cbj Bertelsmann Henri is weary of painting the same sub- jects on eggs again and again. He finally wants to be recognized as a real artist. So he leads the children playfully through art history. The blurb at the end of the book offers a lot of information about famous artists and their artworks. Copycat Charlie - 2008 Pencil, watercolor, touch and feel A perfect touch and feel book for the youngest kids! Children becomes encou- raged  by Charlie to imitate various funny animal-poses. Happy Birthday, Bertie - 2010 Acrylic, watercolor On his Birthday, Bertie invites all his friends. Of course something is going to happen! If only Daddy could find again Bertie’s Birth- day present... The Little Moonraven - 2010 Acrylic, watercolor, holographic foil The little moonraven is the last to hatch and the last to learn how to fly. How can he become accepted by the other ravens? A moving story about bullying.                                 Questions, questions - 2011 Acrylic, holographic foil What turns the rain on in the sky and brings the sun to make things dry? How many shells are on the shore? Millions? Billions? Even more? In thirteen engaging couplets children’s eyes becomes open to the wondrous mysteries all around them.                                 Snow Puppy - 2011 Watercolor When Sophie goes shopping with her parents, Rascal has to stay at home all by himself. It’s just plain mean. Then Rascal notices something unusual outside the window. White specks are floating down from the sky...                                 Back to the top Ava’s Poppy - 2012 Acrylic Ava is delighted when she discovers a brilliant red poppy. She sits with the flower any moment possible, until one day the petals start to drop and the beautiful flower fades. But when spring comes ageain...                                 The Yellow Cab - 2013 Acrylic Jack the yellow cab finds himself in a tropical rain forest. But the forest is under threat and somebody needs to do some- thing! A story with a strong message for want-to-be environmentalists.                                 Happiness is... - 2014 Acrylic Two little mice discover that laughter is never far away. A book about happiness to spread a little happiness.                                 Animal ABC - 2013 Acrylic 26 fun filled rhymes with puzzling questions from A to Z, introducing the alphabet to young readers. The Paradise Bird - 2015 Acrylic, watercolor, holographic foil The ravens have never seen anything like it before. A brightly coloured bird upsets their day-to-day with its infectious jollity. A good-mood book to banish boredom.                                 You Can’t Win Them All, Rainbow Fish - 2017 Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil You can’t win them all. But being a good loser isn’t easy either, something a little fish has to learn too. A brand new book celebrating the Rainbow Fish’s 25th Anniversary.