Awards Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil A proud and vain fish learns sharing and finds real friends. A picture book classic which is still up to date.                                                           Also available as a big Board Book Children’s Choices 1996 (IRA-CBC) Book of the Year Award, Family Fun Nom. Notable Children’s Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies (NCSS-CBC), Washington D.C. Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale - 1998 Rainbow Fish to the Rescue! - 1995 The Rainbow Fish - 1992 Children’s Choices 1999 (IRA-CBC) Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil How do disputes and quarrels escalate? And above all: How can we manage to make peace afterwards? That’s what the third story of Rainbow Fish is about. Rainbow Fish and the Sea Monster’s Cave - 2001 Rainbow Fish Finds His Way - 2006 Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea - 2009 Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil Fear is natural and important. Fear makes us prudent. But especially the fear of the New and Uncertain, you will see how it’s possible to overcome. And only in this way we can make new experiences. Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil After a five-year-break Rainbow Fish returns. An underwater storm floats him away from home. Fortunately he finds new friends who help him to find his way back home. Nomination for “Bücherliebling 2010”, Austria Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil A riptide current wrests the last glittering scale from Rainbow Fish. In a search for his missing scale he discovers the deep sea. A story about modesty and helpfulness. Rainbow Fish 1,2,3 - 2002 Rainbow Fish A, B, C - 2002 The Rainbow Fish Floor Puzzle Book - 2003 Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil Rainbow Fish accompanies children in the world of numbers. Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil With Rainbow Fish it’s easier to learn the Alphabet! Bleistift, Aquarell, Heißfolienprägung Back to the top Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil The sequel of Rainbow Fish talks about integration and acceptance of different individuals and social outcasts. Is it a picture book? Or is it a puzzle? Both! A book to read, to learn, to play with and to discover the little diffe- rences between the various illustrations. Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish - 2012 Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil When Little Rainbow Fish can’t fall asleep, there’s only one thing that can help: his mommy! Little Rainbow Fish’s mom promi- ses to watch over him, no matter if he is in the ink cloud of an octopus, lost in the deep blus sea, or simply having a bad dream. It works. Little Rainbow Fish is soon sound asleep. You Can’t Win Them All, Rainbow Fish - 2017 Pencil, watercolor, holographic foil You can’t win them all. But being a good loser isn’t easy either, something a little fish has to learn too. A brand new book celebrating the Rainbow Fish’s 25th Anniversary.